Theresia HERZlich

Be accompanied by ThereSia

  • She is in the life and health coaching area since 2004.
  • Her work is concentrated on connection – the connection between body, emotions, actions for oneself and with others.
  • Her intent is to support a healthy selfexpression of the individual.
  • She offers classes, workshops and 1:1 in dance, communication (spoken/written) and Focusing.

Develope your healthy selfexpression

Supported and trained through

  • the practise of Focusing (Eugene Gendlin)
  • the nonviolant communication (Marshall B. Rosenberg)
  • journaling as a selfhelp-writing-method - educated at the Center for Journal Therapy by Kathleen Adams in Denver/Colorado
  • music & movement (Blackbelt of the holistic NIA-technique & 5-Stages Programm - based on the body developement stages)
  • a theoretical base of psychology and behavior patterns - given by a university degree and a life-coaching-institut.

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Most of the times I get asked to hold trainings and workshops in English. Sometimes I decide myself to offer a special in English, sometimes abroad. 🙂

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I LOVE to support YOUR healthy selfexpression!


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